Natural Behaviour

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 A performance which entails the artist engaging and speaking to a lake located in sight of the E75 highway in Joutsa, Finland. This convocation became an exploration of the impact of industrial sound, with a focus on the depictions these sounds come to represent. 


The Artist has responded emotionally to the impact of industrialisation and how this affects the experience, associations and understandings of the surrounding space. With a cultural connection to Finland, the artist has emphasised this notion of change and perception, reflecting upon childhood memories and imagery of the Finnish landscape.


Stemming from the disconnections and the heightened fixation on technology and the ideal of modernisation, the artist has investigated the understandings of the physical presence of human and nonhuman interactions; looking at how industrialisation has altered our sensitisation and relation to the environment. 


Through engaging and talking to the water the artist has used humour as a way to exaggerate the framework of this question, wearing a synthetic shimmery blue dress to resonate with the awareness of material culture, to contrast the natural elements with the human concept of beauty; synthetic and manufactured.