In a Precarious position


They walk alone and they walk for miles. They read the ice, seeking signs of uncertainty. The ice is seductive. Underfoot, it seems almost alive. It breathes and shifts.  It seems to have moods, changing from white to grey to black. The black ice is stronger but thinner, without bubbles. The white looks more solid but is often porous or slathered with icy slush.

This work was created responding to the vast frozen sea near to Narva Estonia, March 2018. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 09.29.58 2.jpg

This time of year, the risk involved in walking on the ice is heigh. A time of transition, the sea slowly melting. This space can be both solid and liquid showing clearly the changes to the precarious equilibrium of the environment. Natural transitions and ones that are effected by changes to the climate. An observation to the risks taken in wandering this unpredictable space.