Totumo +

Totuma 8+ is a work that aims to carry out a gesture of the communication as an acknowledgment to vivd connections that community obtain with the land; reflecting upon the meaningful connections that enable survival the remote location of Armila, Kuna Yala, Panama.

The artist has considered the evolving world of technology and the implications this is having on society; focusing on the notion of staying connected which is advertised as a feature when in ownership of these latest gadgets. This work combines the influence of connectivity and recognition in the environment looking at the process of separation from our surroundings as an effect infomed by the prominence the the smart phone; The digital space taking us away from the physical presents of human and non human interaction.    

The artist has gone back to basis replicating the tin phone, ( two tins attached with string) This idea is replicated with a Totuma and vines from the jungle, both abundant in this environment .The work is installed permanently in the jungle, over time will become reconnected, growing into the flora and fauna of the jungle.

The work invites people to communicate with the land, to observe, sing, talk, listen.


Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 01.46.46.jpg

Showcase event and exhibition held in the community house of Armila, Kuna Yala; a series of talks given by each artist discussing the work created whilst living in this remote location along with discussions about the experiences, environment and how each individual was effected, considering the community, La Wayaka Current group, local marine and forest ecology, conservation projects, farming and cultural traditions within the community.