From This Day Forward

A series of love letters addressed and performed to the land of Kuna Yala, Panama. The video and text works encapsulate the process of the artist establishing a relationship with this land. Thinking about the contributing factors of how city life has formulated a disconnection to the environment; The artist has compared the detached perspective to the immersive experience of living in Armila with a Kuna community; a place where the connection to nature is an integral component to the everyday, and an important aspect of many cultural traditions. The work is inspired by the respect and understanding of the local ecology and the rooted connections to nature that are carried throughout the history of Kuna people. The work responds to ambience of the place. It feeds from emotions that are apparent in a place where territory is shared between nature and people.

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Scans of original letters written in Armila, Guna Yala, Panama